Rustic Sculpture

My rustic sculptures represent the heart and spiritual life of Northern New Mexico. They are crafted from found materials; old roofing tin, weathered wood with faded paint, wire and rusted metal. These objects once had a useful life, intertwined with the the lives of the people who have lived on this land for generations. Over time these items have been cast aside into arroyos and junk heaps. I have tried to give these objects a continuing life and purpose that represents the people, time and spirit of this land, Northern New Mexico.


I have been investigating the concept of time as energy and movement. Ancient peoples drew timelines and attached icons of important events at intervals to make an understandable visual representation of the idea of linear time. Important things had happened, were happening or would happen. Like them, I make marks on panels in an effort to communicate another concept of time; that all dimensions of time (past, present and future) might occur simultaneously. If this is so, then I question;  is there energy movement  between dimensions? Do connecting portals exist that facilitate a means of perceived movement to occupy those dimensions? Is there only energy of the present? Do we, as humans, search to find some sort of connection, in the present, to our own important life events?

Steven H. Williams Fine Art paintings - contemporary fine art paintings - emerging artist - abstract paintings - art studio - art gallery - rustic sculpture from found objects - wire, rusty tin, old wood - oil, tar, varnish, oil stick